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Holiday Table Themes – Some Surprising Options

If you are hosting this year’s family holiday dinner and all you can come up with in terms of table decor colors are red, green and gold, it’s time to re-think your options. Let’s face it, at this time of the year it seems as if the whole world is practically wallpapered in those ubiquitous holiday colors. Luckily, there are many more decorating options that can still project that festive holiday feel, while at the same time reflect your special taste and unique style.

kawalicoloredIf you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to narrow down your color choices, choose one factor for starters. For example, consider the overall age of the crowd you’re expecting to help guide your decision.

If there is a large contingent of children, a fun color scheme that will appeal to everyone, regardless of age, is the way to go. A good idea is to go all-out with color. Think rainbow, but instead of using primary colors which can be too juvenile, chose deep jewel shades like ruby, amethyst, cobalt and emerald. Christofle’s Kawali colored goblets are a stunning starting point.

kspsslarabeedot5If your guests are mostly young, hip and discerning, try a modern, industrial-chic inspired approach to your décor. Stick to a palette of black and white and add some slate, steel and gunmetal grays for a cool, edgy look. Get inspired with some great flatware like Kate Spade’s Larbee flatware. The dots on these utensils look almost like rivets!

If your dinner companions are a more mature crowd, try a classic elegant look. Choose a monochromatic theme. Basing your design on one particular color can be elegant and sophisticated. Bring in many different shades of the color to ensure monochromatic does not equal boring, especially when coupled with a dramatic centerpiece. Beautiful fresh flowers in your chosen color are sure to stand out when displayed in a gorgeous, intricate piece of art like Lalique’s uber-spectacular Beauvais Vase.

thumbnail.aspFinally, bring in the festive factor by adding traditional holiday touches to your table such as tree ornaments (in a bowl, as a centerpiece), wreaths (hang one from the back of each chair) and little wrapped boxes filled with sweets (use gift tags as place cards).

OK, now that we’ve solved your decorating dilemma, it’s time for you to think about the food, the drinks, where everyone will sleep, the entertainment, if you have enough towels, cousin Billy’s peanut allergy….don’t you wish we could also help you simplify all that?

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